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Piombini was established in 1925 by Mario Piombini, an artisan and cabinetmaker from Bovolone, a small town in the Verona area, the heart of the best tradition of artistic furniture. Commercial activities mainly involved the production of trolley wheels and the reproduction of artistic furniture. Bruno, Mario's son, continued the work of his father directing the family business. Stylistically speaking, the classic style is reinterpreted to offer a new look composed of modern and function...
TemaHome counts with more than thirty years of experience in the furniture and lifestyle industry, having points-of-sale spread throughout thirty different countries around the world. It was firstly founded in 1981 as “Norema Portuguesa,” resulting of the junction of two companies: the Norwegian Norema SA and the Portuguese Mendes Godinho SA. Together, their aim was to combine Norway's high technology, with the Portuguese efficiency at reasonable costs for furniture production. Between the ye...
Since 1968, when the company was established, DISVALMA has tenaciously followed a single objective: To improve our product, based on the tastes of the most demanding consumer, but without departing from our classic trend and highlighting as fundamental values ​​the quality and artisanal production, also adapting the latest technologies to our product. Our work has always been guided by the spirit of doing things in the best possible way, that is why our highly qualified staff work...
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